74HC595N 8 Bit Shift Register Arduino/PIC 16Pin DIP x 5Pcs

Monster Electronic



74HC595 CMOS device is a silicon structure, compatible with low-voltage TTL circuits, to comply with JEDEC standards. 74HC595 is an 8-bit shift register and a memory, tri-state output. The shift register and a memory clock respectively. At the rising edge SHcp (Shift register clock input) is input to the shift register at the rising edge STcp (memory clock input) is input to the memory register to. If both clocks together, the shift register is always earlier than the storage register a pulse. The shift register has a serial shift input (Ds), and a serial output (Q7 '), and a low-level asynchronous reset storage registers a parallel 8-bit, with a three-state bus output, when OE is enabled (low level), the data storage register is output to the bus. 

8 serial input / output or parallel output shift register, with impedance OFF-state. Tri-State. 

The 8-digit serial input parallel output into 8 digits, for example, an 8-bit digital control, there will be no flicker. 



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