CD4077BE XNOR Gate, 4 Gate, 2 Input, 6.8 mA, 3V to 18V, DIP-14 x 2Pcs

Monster Electronics


The CD4077BE is a quad CMOS Exclusive-NOR Gate for use with logical comparators, adders/subtractors, parity generators and checkers. The CD4077B provide the system designer with a means for direct implementation of the Exclusive-OR and Exclusive-NOR functions, respectively.
  • Standardized symmetrical output characteristics
  • Medium speed operation - tPHL, tPLH = 65ns (typical) at VDD=10V, CL=50pF
  • 100% Tested for quiescent current at 20V
  • Maximum input current of 1µA at 18V
  • ±10mA DC input current


2Pcs per lot

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