LCD module TFT 2.4 inch TFT LCD screen for Arduino UNO R3 AU

Monster Electronic



100% Brand new and high quality!
2.4 inch LCD TFT display
This display has a resistive touch screen attached to it already, so you can detect finger presses anywhere on the screen.

2.4'' diagonal LCD TFT display
240x320 resolution, 18-bit (262,000) color
8 bit digital interface, plus 4 control lines
5V compatible! Use with 3.3V or 5V logic
4-wire resistive touchscreen
Size: approx. 70mm x 51mm
Color: Red
Net Weight: 28g

 Install the SPFD5408 library. Use those pins to get the touchscreen working with the examples : #define YP A3 // must be an analog pin, use "An" notation! #define XM A2 // must be an analog pin, use "An" notation! #define YM 9 // can be a digital pin #define XP 8 // can be a digital pin Modify SPFD5408_TouchScreen.cpp to fix the inverted axis. return TSPoint(x, 1023 - y, z); Should be : return TSPoint(1023 - x, 1023 - y, z);

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