XL6009(LM2577) DC-DC Stepup Power Supply Module Adjustable (Arduino)

Monster Electronic



32 V - 3.2 V input output highest 38 V
Output voltage range: 4 v to 38 v dc voltage continuously adjustable, high efficiency (96%) of the maximum output current for 4 a.
Advantage: use double thickening black oil PCB with high quality, all use imported SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors, high Q value power inductors.

this modules relative to the LM2577 triode mode conversion efficiency is higher

this module is adjustable booster module

To change the output voltage. The highest output voltage is 38 v. Chronological booster, reverse-time step-down

 working temperature: : industrial grade 40  to + 85  (-) (ambient temperature more than 40 degrees, please reduce power use, or enhance heat dissipation)

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